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Fill out our e-Member Form here.
There are no Member dues currently, but we do anticipate that once our non-profit status is secured, dues will be an important aspect of our organization ensuring that we're able to execute our mission and goals. 
Would you like to submit a Letter of Interest in serving on the Governing Council? Contact us directly through our Contact Page.


The PWC will be served by a Governing Council comprised of up to 15 elected councilwomen who will meet frequently to work towards executing the mission and goals of the Progressive Women's Caucus and serving the wishes of the Membership.
These meetings will always be open to the Membership, but if you can't make those meetings, all critical decisions will be put to an electronic Member Vote.
Governing Council terms are for 2-3 years (two seats serving 3-year terms; three seats serving
2-year terms). 
Have any questions? Contact us here.
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