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Seeking progressive thinkers 

   To elevate women and shape our community through leadership and participation. 


  • Elevate progressive, dynamic and fluid leaders onto open boards, commissions and into public office. 

  • Educate the community on important issues and opportunities.

  • Advocate and endorse progressive solutions to community challenges. 


The Progressive Women's Caucus of the San Juan Mountains is non-profit organization (ID: 99-1729336). 


We are served by a Governing Council comprised of five elected councilwomen who meet frequently to work towards executing the mission and goals of the Progressive Women's Caucus and serving the wishes of the Membership. 


Governing Council terms are for 2-3 years (two seats serving 3-year terms; three seats serving 2-year terms).  Acknowledging that our Members have varied areas of interest, the Governing Council reserves up to 3 seats for Issue Committee Captains to be appointed for more flexible terms.


The PWC needs to be as dynamic as its Members which is why we welcome and encourage to attend meetings, but if you're unable to attend, you will be able to weigh in on critical decisions via electronic Member Vote.


Crucial to the success of the PWC is a leadership model that is both effective and in-tune with the Membership.


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