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Women, Wisdom, and World Domination

Wednesday, August 31 | 5:30 | The Liberty

Join us for an evening of conversation and community building.
Featuring guest speaker, Jimena Smith, 

Reproductive Rights: Where Are We and Where Do We Go from Here


Formerly, Women, Wine, and World Domination, we have changed the name of this foundational event to be more inclusive of all ages and lifestyles. Hence the switch from Wine to WISDOM. Regardless of the name, this event is really about relationship building and converstaion. We, as the PWC Governing Council, want to create a safe space for our community to engage in difficult conversation, no matter your age or gender.


Jimena Smith

Our amazing guest speaker, Jimena Smith, is a corporate attorney at an international law firm. She specializes in mutual fund law and has an active pro bono practice representing asylum seekers before the immigration courts in California and Texas. Her passion for reproductive rights started as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru and resides with her family in Telluride, Colorado.